Ski for all

You will feel at ease in Andorra. There are runs corresponding to all fancies and skills.


If you come to Andorra with your partner or with friends, you will find specific runs for every sport and skill, along with a vast variety of snow-related activities: mushing trails across the forests, snowmobiles, snowshoes, or paragliding. And after a whole day on the slopes, what will be more pleasant than to share your memories around a table, enjoying the best gourmet cuisine Andorra has to offer?


Skiing in Andorra with your family is another great idea. The ski resorts provide childcare service for children over one. The snow garden is open to children from 3 to 6. There, they will experience their first thrills on the snow, and from 6 years old, they won’t hesitate to take the next step with technical lessons in a ski school, supervised by specialist instructors.


Are you the type to make out a vertiginous jump looming where others will only see an obstacle? Are you addicted to adrenalin and convinced that creativity on the snow is, at least, as important as technique? In that case, Andorra will soon become your little paradise. For you who won’t flinch before a big air or the exit of a boarder cross, we have specially designed freestyle and freeride areas. By the way, Andorra’s snowparks are amongst the best in the Pyrenees.


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