Andorra’s offering

Andorra is unique
Much more than you had imagined

Andorra is a small state where you can find great day-outs anywhere. A country that surprises the visitor with it’s variety of proposals on offer. Throughout the year, you will find a broad range of activities for all ages. A place where it is impossible to get bored!

The essence of snow lasts into night

The fun atmosphere that you find in the snow moves on to the après ski offering. Once the ski resorts close for the day, they start preparing for the next skiing day.

Right on the slopes, there are many after-ski lounges with an atmosphere that extends to the rest of the country. Once the sun goes down, the nightlife venues take centre stage and take over from the slopes. The good vibes transfer to these clubs offering a multitude of music styles. If you decide to continue the fun after a day of skiing, you will find plenty of leisure options everywhere!

Also, the ski resorts have opted for this alternative, and increasingly they offer skiers the opportunity to extend their daily activities without having to leave the area! Some of the proposals for this season are sleeping in an igloo and/or an airstream caravan, a high-altitude supper, healthy dinners with yoga classes or night outings with snowshoes or snowmobiles.


You’ll be short of hands!

Andorra is the place for great shopping. It’s shops have become an identifying feature of the Principality and are distributed throughout the country. There’s up to 1,400 stores. Sports shops with ample stock to complete your ski equipment, fashion, jewellery, electronics, fragrances and pharmacy and healthcare products are the items most visitors want to buy. Also, there are large pedestrianised commercial avenues like Vivand which runs through Charlemagne Avenue in Escaldes-Engordany and Meritxell in Andorra la Vella. They have become the favourite destination for buyers.

Shopping in Andorra has reduced tax, this differentiates Andorra from the countries that surround it. Find out about the customs exemptions.


Rest, relax… and recharge at once.

The non-stop activity of a good day skiing deserves a moment of relaxation. In Escaldes-Engordany you will find the Caldea thermal-center, the largest in southern Europe. With spring waters rich in sulphur and minerals, they guarantee antalgic, healing, decongestant and antiallergic properties.

With a spectacular architecture, the centre offers relaxation and well-being. In recent years Caldea has committed to expand and improve it’s services and also provides a spa for children up to 5 years of age, called Liquid, with games to discover thermal life.

The culture around water has rooted firmly, and lately, many accommodations incorporate wellness areas among their facilities. Some of them can be up to 5,000 m².

Immerse yourself in the country’s culture

Andorra has a rich culture and deeply rooted traditions. One of the most amazing facts is the large number of still existing Romanesque churches, some of which are adorned with medieval paintings as well as baroque pieces that are exceptionally well preserved.

Not only that, you can discover the ancestors’ historical legacy thanks to the 18 museums distributed throughout the territory.
Places to learn how iron was made in Andorra, how farmers sustained themselves, find out about the history of tobacco or listen to the fascinating story of the only upper-class Andorran family. You could also visit an extensive collection of old vehicles, among other cultural attractions.

Put time aside for culture, learn how the Principality was forged, and you will understand why it is a unique country.

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Andorra with all the senses.
The taste for good cuisine.

Delicious food is synonymous with good memories. The traditional Andorran cuisine, indisputably linked to the high altitude products, are part of the country’s appeals. ‘Bordas’ were built to be used for agricultural purposes and have now been lovingly restored as rustic restaurants that serve traditional dishes. In such a cosy atmosphere you can enjoy escudella, snails, calçots, grilled meats and other recipes, which we are confident will remain in your memory for a long time.

If you prefer other types of cuisine, there is a wide variety of top-level international, avant-garde and creative restaurants in Andorra.

Furthermore, the ski resorts have also invested in gastronomy and increasingly offer dishes for all kinds of tastes. Traditional food, rice dishes, avant-garde cuisine. The resorts not only offer snow, but they aim to give you a complete experience to make your stay in Andorra unforgettable. They also open their doors at night, with the stars as the witness to an extraordinary evening, full of music or performances. Unique places for unbeatable experiences.

Sleep and rest near the stars

With an average of 2,000 meters altitude, Andorra is the ideal place to dream close to the stars

We are sure you’ll find what you are looking for in the vast selection of accommodation available. More than 250 hotel establishments of different categories and locations. Whether you like all the home comforts or you prefer an adventure among nature, you can choose your ideal sleeping arrangement as you prefer it.

If you cannot live without the feeling of being in contact with the snow, try sleeping on the slopes. The Hotel Igloo in Grandvalira is an authentic ice hotel or the Airstream caravan of Vallnord. Be the first to open the ski resort!

It’s not over yet

Andorra is all the above and much more. Check the schedule as every year, top-level sporting competitions, conferences, concerts, and all kinds of events are organized.

Seize the day, you are in Andorra!