Safety off-piste


Know when to renounce it, advice for off-piste skiing

Only the open slopes are delimited, controlled and signposted. Beyond these areas, exposure to risks and dangers is taken on at your own responsibility.

Find out about the danger of avalanches

Take into account the information about the danger of avalanches that you will find in the weather bulletins at the ski resorts or on the bulletin estimating the risk of avalanches at

However, above all, respect the ski resort’s avalanche flag which will indicate the danger of existing avalanches. If necessary, ask for information from the ski patrollers.

In case of adverse weather conditions, you should know when to sacrifice off-piste skiing and look f or an alternative.

Carry an AVD on you. – An AVD (Avalanche Victim Detector) will allow you to be found in the case of an accident. Check that it is functioning correctly before starting out. This detector should be accompanied by a probe and shovel. Make sure that it has the EC marking.

Another useful item when skiing off-piste is a reflector, which can be found in any specialised shop. All the ski resorts in Andorra, use the RECCO® avalanche victim search system.

Do not ski off-piste alone

A track is not synonymous to safety and could lead you to dangerous sites.

Download the Alpify application into your mobile phone.

This free application will facilitate and speed up your rescue if necessary.